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Various formats of paper

Ncode PDF provides you with 5 different styles (plain, string, grid, dot and landscape) of papers in A4 or letter-size and you can print up to 50 pages of each format. (Paper size or style customization is not supported).

*If you would like to print out another bundle of 50 pages that have same format, please make sure that you ‘lock’ the previous bundle that it can be securely kept in ‘Notebox’. Without ‘lock’, strokes can be overlapped.
*For quality assurance purpose, use Adobe PDF Reader to print Ncode PDF.

Ncode PDF plain format
Ncode PDF string format
Ncode PDF grid format
Ncode PDF Dots format
Ncode PDF Strings Landscape

Cautions :

  1. NeoLAB recommends you to use color laser printer for printing Ncode PDF.
    (In case of using inkjet printer/grayscale laser printer, the quality of recognition is not guaranteed.)
  2. For quality assurance purpose, install PCL/PS driver to print exquisite Ncode. (Please inquire your printer manufacturer about PCL/PS driver.)
  3. We recommend you to use plain format for grayscale laser printers.

Computer Language

  • PCL(Printer Command Language) :
    A driver dedicated with ordinary speed and printing quality which is used in common.
  • PS(Post Script) :
    A driver used for creating professional uses (ex. Graphic works) and was developed by Adobe.
  • SPL(Samsung Print Language): A driver specialized for fast printing with extraordinary performance and was developed by Samsung Electronics.

Notebox Function (in Neo Notes Application)

Before re-printing the papers, you should use Neo notes application and
press the existing note for 2~3 seconds in order to keep the format in the NoteBox.

* In case of using the same format of paper, the previous data can be overlapped with newly transcribed notes.

Lock your notes
Unlock your notes